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About Us

​Healing Hand is a new Charitable institute, that we are trying to establish to lift the Needy up. The motto of this new charitable institute is to Heal, help and care the needy around the world and the society. We may ask who are the needy? There are so many people who are in need of with so many things, I would like to categorize the needy into three groups, people who are poor, not educated and who are addicted that is to say
1) poverty
2) illiteracy
3) addiction.
Our motto is to help, heal and care for these people.
We know lots of people who are poor, who don’t have houses to live their lives. Our institute find out who are in real need and we build a house for them. Secondly, we help the children for their education who can’t afford to pay the school fee. We also try to bring back the youth from addiction. We know so many youths and adults are addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Our mission

Our Mission is to build a center or a home where we can accommodate the street children and give them education. Our mission is also to have rehab center where we can treat the people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs.


When you donate to healing hand you become one among many who support the needy to come up and get healed from their poverty, illiteracy and addiction. It makes a great impact in the lives of the needy around the world.

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