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Miyawaki – A Modern Plantation Drive Method

Foundation’s tree planting initiatives employ traditional tree planting techniques along with the Miyawaki method, a modern plantation approach. The Miyawaki plantation method is a technique of afforestation that was developed by . It is an innovative and effective approach to tree planting which involves planting a diverse range of native tree species in a small area to create a dense, self-sustaining forest ecosystem.

In practice, the soil is amended for optimal growth outcomes, seedlings are spaced very close together to induce competition and mulch is used to conserve soil moisture and suppress weed growth. The Miyawaki technique depends on indigenous principles for faster growth and self-sustainable green cover, in a dense forest, the trees crowd together to form a thick canopy. The Miyawaki Method is known for its ability to accelerate the growth of trees and create a forest-like environment even in limited spaces. The densely planted trees enhance the ecological resilience of the area, provide habitat for wildlife, improve air quality, and mitigate the impact of climate change. By utilizing the Miyawaki Method, aims to maximize the benefits of tree planting.

Foundation’s incorporation of the Miyawaki Method in tree plantation initiatives showcases their commitment to adopting innovative and sustainable approaches to environmental conservation. By combining traditional tree planting techniques with the Miyawaki Method, the foundation aims to maximize the impact of its tree planting efforts and create a long-lasting positive change in the ecosystem

  • Theme :- Environment & Sustainability
  • Partner Agency :- Bristlecone India Limited
  • Direct Beneficiaries :-
  • Indirect Beneficiaries :-
  • Location :-  Pune

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