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Environment Sustainability & Tree Plantation Drive

No. of Sapling planted: 30,000+
Tree plantation is one of  major initiatives to contribute toward the solution of climate change and fighting against the issue of deforestation and moving towards afforestation for a cleaner, greener, and sustainable community. Tree plantation is not just being executed as a project but keeping in mind our upcoming generations and creating a greener infrastructure for them with less pollution, rich biodiversity, controlled temperature fluctuations, and organic and controlled consumption. believes that through the channel of plantation, it is possible to take such impact initiatives that are both sustainable and futuristic.
 plantation drive will contribute to reducing the degree of hazards being caused due to an increase in pollution and risk of disaster as well as support the nearby local stakeholders to earn additional profits or benefits from the program.

  • Theme :- Environment Sustainability
  • Partner Agency :- Schneider Electric, Saama Technologies, Cummins, United Way, Elica, Quest Global, L&T Infotech
  • Direct Beneficiaries :-
  • Indirect Beneficiaries :-
  • Location :- Gurugram, Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad

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